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Your Family is Awesome, isn’t it?

As a proud owner of three girls, I am finding out all too well how quickly children grow up. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?? In the blink of an eye, your tiny little newborn has turned into a baby, then a toddler, and now is a fully fledged small person running around, making noise and mess and memories. Before we know it, our babies will be off into the big wide world. It’s why I think its so important to capture as many images of your family whilst they’re still young. 

DSC 8827 Edit 1024x684 - Children and Family Photography, DevonChildren are not professional models, and I don’t expect any child that comes into my studio to sit, down, be quiet and do as they’re told! I want to create images of your children as they really are. If they’re a bit cheeky, a bit messy, a bit noisy, that’s great! Let me capture that on camera for you to remember forever. Your family are better than anyone else’s, don’t ever forget it. I love to photograph families both at home in my Devon based studio (in Newton Abbot) and on location, so whether you think your children will prefer an outdoor setting where they can run wild, or a relaxed, fun and quirky photoshoot in the studio environment, I would love to hear from you. 

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I have over eleven years of experience of working with children, and worked as a Nanny before I became a photographer. In fact, I became a children’s photographer after visiting a photographer who was terrible with children, and who tried to force my then four year old brother to sit still throughout a two hour posed shoot. I really feel that if you want to get the best, most natural images of children, it is really important to make your session fun, relaxed and natural. for this reason, I also recommend plain, neutral or white clothing. So that the photography is on the most important thing of all: your family. 

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